Freshly made granola delivered to your doorstep.


Discover a whole new breakfast – freshly baked granola. Most granola you buy in the supermarket will be a few months old before it gets into your basket; TrooGranola gets from our ovens to your bowl in less than 3 days.


TrooGranola arrives on your doorstep on a weekly basis. We mixed and bake it on a Tuesday and post it out first class on a Wednesday at the latest so that it arrives with you on a Thursday / Friday. You can smell and taste the difference. The delicious lightly spiced crispy oats, nuts and seeds with plump juicy fruit is the perfect way to start the day.   There is enough for 7 ‘standard’ 35g portions; or 5 larger 50g portions for the healthy appetite.


We include more of the nuts, seeds and fruit than other brands so that every mouthful is interesting and flavourful. We taste every ingredient before and after the bake to make sure it meets our exacting standards. We want you to wake up to a delightful bowl of yumminess that brings a smile to your morning and will do everything we can to achieve that!


TrooFoods Ltd was set up in November 2015, with TrooGranola being the first troo product. It is the ‘baby’ of Helenor Rogers, a self-confessed food pioneer who feels breakfast at home should be a far more fulfilling experience!


We would love to send you a sample so that you can try TrooGranola for yourself.  Contact  with your address details and we’ll send it to you as soon as a fresh batch is made.  Please also use this address if you would like to know more.  We look forward to hearing from yoo!

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