The World’s First Ever FRESH Granola Toasting Kit…

Coming soon to an outlet near you…



Seedy Kit

Our stonking blockbuster granola kit – packed full of goodies – wholesome gluten free jumbo oats with almonds; pumpkin, sunflower, flax and chia seeds further boosted with raisins, golden sultanas, currants and goji berries. Now that should give you some get up and go.

Nutty Kit

This one is for you if you are a nut freak – a nut feast of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts and cashews as well as the usual goodies – wholesome gluten free jumbo oats with  pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds.  No fruit at all, something that we know will appeal to some of you.

Fruity Kit

Our original granola kit – slightly indulgent with a rich, warm, spicy, toasty taste profile and fruity decadence from the good quantity of raisins, golden sultanas and currants .  Packed full of goodies – wholesome gluten free jumbo oats with almonds; pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds – healthy and delicious.

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Contains dry ingredients. measuring pot and fruit bag.
Add your choice of oil (sunflower, olive, coconut etc) and sweetener (honey, agave, maple syrup etc) or bake it raw.


Gluten Free; Wheat Free; Dairy Free; Egg Free; Sesame Free;
No Refined Sugar.
High in Fibre.
100% natural ingredients.
Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly.


Packed full of a variety of different ingredients.  Lightly spiced and slightly savoury.  Smells and tastes delicious.
Great Taste Award winning!

How do you make yours?

We’d love to know how you make your TrooGranola – do email us or tell us on our Facebook Page.  Here are some suggestions from us…


We recommend you fill your pot 1/3 full with the oil of your choice.  We use sunflower oil but you could use olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil or any other oil you have in your kitchen.


We recommend you fill the rest of the pot up with the sweetener of your choice.  We use runny honey but you could use agave syrup, maple syrup or date molasses. You can also adjust the sugar levels if you are cutting back on this…!


The kits come with lots of delicious ingredients, but you might have some of your own favourites you want to add.  Extra nuts and seeds should be added before toasting (pecans are yummy) whilst fruit and super indulgent chocolate flakes should be added during cooling.