What are yoo all about?



At TrooGranola we want to make breakfast time an unmissable occasion by making it easy for you to enjoy our delicious, nutritious, freshly toasted, granola – either made by you or delivered right to your door.


The kits let you make your own TrooGranola in less than 25 minutes.  Once made you’ll have yummy granola that stays fresh for a week or more.  In moments you can have a bowl of the freshest granola with some yoghurt or milk; or if you’re in a rush you can grab some and eat it on the move.


We also toast our granola in small batches at TrooFoods HQ by the sea in Folkestone and ship it to you within 24 hours. The freshest, most convenient granola around!


We are a small family run business at the moment, but we do have ambitious plans.  Everyone is involved – Helenor, Mike and the children Carys and Euan.  As we grow we’ll introduce our new team members here.  If you want to follow our story join our Facebook page and Instagram board (@troogranola).

Helenor Rogers - FOUNDER

Helenor launched TrooFoods Ltd and the TrooGranola brand as it combined a few of her greatest passions – getting people to eat better food (especially for breakfast); building stronger communities and community spirit and entrepreneurship.

She has been on the look out for a great idea where she could put her energy and enthusiasm to good use for many years; and now the time has come…

Inspiration : the fact that there are 2.6bn missed breakfasts in the UK every year!

Ambition : to leave a legacy of positivity; in terms of spreading a ‘can do’ attitude; having a strong community impact and enjoying a happy, thriving family life.

How It Works....

Some of TrooGranola's Ingredients


We pick the most delicious ingredients to ensure every mouthful of TrooGranola is a delight.  We have more seeds, nuts and berries than other shop bought granola and we add them all in to the cooking process at the right moment to get the best balance of crunch and taste.

Some of TrooGranola's Ingredients


The order cut-off date is Sunday night.  We get the ingredients together on Monday and toast the required TrooGranola on Tuesday.  We only make what is required – we don’t carry stock.  We pack the fresh granola in special valve bags that maximise the freshness whilst protecting the goodies inside.

Some of TrooGranola's Ingredients


We toast the granola in small batches to ensure every pack is of perfect quality.  We watch the granola toast to get the perfect colour and hand turn it half way through toasting.  We leave it to air dry to maximise the crunchiness before adding the fruit and berries.

Some of TrooGranola's Ingredients


We post your pack First Class so that it should get to you next day – depending on how good the post is.  This is really important to us as we want it to be as fresh as can be.  The packaging has been specially developed so that it fits through most post boxes so no pick up needed.

Some of TrooGranola's Ingredients


Unbelievably most of the granola you buy in the supermarket is months old before it gets into your bowl.  We don’t rush the toasting and the crisping as this makes all the difference to the taste; but we do pack it and send it right away to ensure it gets you as fresh as possible.

Some of TrooGranola's Ingredients


We deliver your granola fresh every week.  You can request extra bags via the website or email and you can skip or delay orders at any time. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your granola, we’ll refund you straight away – no fuss.  We want to you to be delighted and happy, always.

Watch TrooGranola Being Made...