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Troo®Granola Made For You

We make delicious FRESH Troo®Granola to order…

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Welcome to TrooGranola, the home of FRESH granola.

We want you to enjoy the most delicious, nutritious granola possible – simple.  We have super easy kits so you can make your own fresh granola at home. Or we’ll make it for you…

All of our products are made from Gluten Free Oats.

We do not use refined sugar in our granola – in our kits you control the amount too!

We only use natural ingredients and products you recognise the name of – no nasties!

Our granola is handmade – by us or by you!

Yum – TrooGranola is really different than the stuff you get in the supermarket, it tastes so fresh and is not overly sweet, there’s a nice hint of cinnamon which gives it a lovely flavour, not like anything I have tried before – already looking forward to my next delivery!

Joanne Gray

As a big granola fan, I’ve tried a lot of different types and I’d say TrooGranola is the lightest, freshest granola I’ve found, there’s a good balance of fruit and seeds, so one I’d definitely recommend

Dan Brennan

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